Oven Story is newly started in Hyderabad. Oven Story is in operational in 7 cities makes a new entry to Hyderabad. At this point in time, it offers 4 signature cheese bases. Options are Flavorful and Spicy “Peri Peri” / 4 Type of Bell Pepper which are roasted to perfection “4 Pepper” / Smoking hot Crushed Jalapenos “Chipotle” or if you are a lover of undisputed classic Italian Mozzarella cheese base “Classic” is for you. Oven Story offers Chicken Salami Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza is much other Pizza in Non-Veg Section. In Veg segment Gourmet Veggie Chipotle (Veg Falafel topping), Spanish Sunshine Periperi and 4 Pepper and Famous Five was the highlight. The pizza was well baked and was tasteful. The seasoning was a little less as only a single sachet was provided. Being peri, it was not too spicy as we expected which according to us is a good thing. The main concept Oven Story Batting on its 4 Signature Pizza, Oven Story Operates in Deliver Model only. Covering pretty decent options in Veg and Non-Veg Segment with very limited sides Oven Story has the challenge to attract the customer. Oven Story is Neatly packed Pizza along with required seasoning and Order Status SMS alert caught on the customer. Oven Story is a store provided pizza with a number of varieties in reasonable cost. For best offers and coupons visit fishmydeals website.