Fabindia is India’s largest personal platform for the product that is made up of ancient techniques, skills, and hand-based product. It is associate degree Indian departmental store marketing clothes, furnishings, materials and ethnic merchandise oversewn by craftspeople across rural India. Established in 1960 by John Bissell, Associate in Nursing Yankee operating for the Ford Foundation, New Delhi, Fabindia has taken off exportation home furnishings, before getting in domestic retail in 1976, once it opened its 1st business establishment in larger Kailash, New Delhi.

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Nowadays it’s over 250 stores across India and abroad, Fabindia sources its product from across the Asian nation through 17 community-owned companies merchandise of Fabindia square measure primarily sourced from villages serving to supply and sustain rural employment in India. They’re presently made by over forty,000 artisans and craftspeople across India.Fabindia was awarded Best Retail Brand in 2004 by The Economic Times. In 2004, Fabindia was featured as a part of a CNBC special TV report on India. Fabindia brand doesn’t advertise, and for the most part, works through spoken promotional material,